Every good process takes time.

To develop ours took over 25 years of experience of working with honey.

After years of meticulous research, which took us all over Croatia, we have determined where to get the finest honey of each kind.

For example: if we are looking for acacia, we need to go to Bilogora, but in case of chestnut, we need to look in Banovina and Kordun.

But that’s just the beginning of the process, because it gets even more selective.

This is because we take samples for testing from each barrel that goes even into consideration for Mediterra.

Once the samples are out, the barrels are sealed so there can be no tampering while we wait for the results.

Meanwhile, the honey goes through a rigorous analysis, so the bad one (or even the “only” good!) can’t make it to the final round – only the best of the best.

This is why, on average, only three out of a hundred tons of honey gets selected for Mediterra.

Once that carefully selected honey is with us, what we do with it is vitally important: nothing.

You see, we believe honey should be honey. It should be as close to the one you could find in the nature as possible, because honey doesn’t need anything else to be the best – it is perfect as it is.

We aim to preserve that, to nurture that, so that when you eat Mediterra, you might as well be eating honey right out of the hive.

That is why our sacred rule is that that honey has to remain raw, unfiltered and unheated when it goes into the jar.

Then, and only then, can it become Mediterra and find its way to you.

We take great pride in this process. It is who we are. It is what we stand for. It is our promise to you.