Sweet Quality

Mediterra has achieved yet another milestone, this time a certificate of Controlled Quality from the Teaching Institute for Public Health “Dr. Andrija Štampar”. This means that Mediterra can proudly wear a badge of Controlled Quality on its packaging, but more importantly, that Mediterra is both a quality product and under a high scrutiny when health inspections […]

Packing a Punch

It seems our packaging is stirring some chatter, since Mediterra has been awarded The Best Honey Packaging on Days of Honey (HR: Dani meda) manifestation in Osijek, Croatia. Not only that, but it received this accolade with 49,67 points! There are multiple categories, spanning from honey packaging to packaging for honey drinks. When awarding points special emphasis was […]

It Is Written in the STARS…

…that the natural choice is the right one! Great Taste – The Guild of Fine Food – has awarded our honey for above average taste quality of Mediterra honey product line. Mediterra Acacia and Mediterra Chestnut have been awarded two stars, while Mediterra Linden and Mediterra Flower Honey have been awarded one star. Mediterra is […]

More Good News

It’s official – we’re high quality! After winning three medals at the London International Honey Awards 2020, our Mediterra has also won a trademark of Croatian Quality, which is an important recognition for us. With these accolades, Mediterra has been proven to offer only the highest quality of Croatian honey.

Certified Good

When it rains, it pours – but in a good way! We have received an IFS certificate, which guarantees that all our products and brands are held up to rigorous standards of quality, which we always upheld. With these accolades, we have achieved a standard we always strived to have.

Sweet Victory

A few weeks ago, one of the most important award shows in the sweet world of honey was held – London International Honey Awards 2020.

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